Food waste is not trash

Foood waste can be composted with a compostable bag. Compostable bags are designed to break down into natural materials, such as carbon dioxide, water, and organic matter, under specific conditions, such as high temperatures, moisture, and oxygen, just like any other organic matter.

Using a 2.6 or 3 gallon compostable food scrap bag can make it easier and more convenient to collect food scraps and transport them to a composting facility or home compost. However, it’s important to check the composting guidelines and regulations of your local area or composting facility to ensure that compostable bags are accepted and processed properly. Some composting facilities may require specific certifications, such as BPI(in US) or EN 13432(in Europe), to ensure the quality of the compost. It’s also important to avoid composting non-compostable materials, such as plastics, metals, glass, or hazardous waste, as they can contaminate the compost and harm the environment.

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