3 Gallon Compostable Trash Bags


Ecoivvi Compostable Trash Bags/Bolsas de basura compostables/Sacs poubelle compostables can break down completely not only in industrial facilities but also in home system.


Ecoivvi Compostable trash bags are made from entirely plastic-free materials such as PBAT+PLA+corn starch or plant-based materials.

  • The shelflife of Ecoivvi compostable bag is at least 10 months. 
  • BPI, OK Compost Home and EN13432 Certificate.
  • Ecoivvi compostable bags are extremely strong and durable, also guaranteeing non-ripping, non-leaking, even with wet food scraps and heavy garbage.
  • Fully compostable in approximately 90-180 days in properly maintained compost facilities.
  • Samples are available and all the size,logo’s,Custom printing,thicknesses can be customized.

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