Why Do Compostable Bags Leak?

Compostable bags may leak due to a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Poor quality: To save costs, some factories use bad materials to produce compostable bags. Low-quality compostable bags may not be able to withstand the weight and moisture of the materials inside, leading to tearing and leakage.
  2. Incorrect usage: Compostable bags may leak if they are used for materials that are too wet or heavy, or if they are overfilled.
  3. Improper storage: Compostable bags may leak if they are not stored properly, such as in a damp or humid environment.
  4. Inadequate seals: Poorly sealed bags can allow moisture to seep in or out, leading to leakage.
  5. Exposure to high temperatures: Compostable bags may lose their strength and begin to break down if they are exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight.

To prevent compostable bags from leaking, it is important to choose high-quality compost bags that are designed for the specific materials being composted, use them correctly, store them properly, and ensure they have adequate seals. The shelf life of compostable bags is also very important. The shelf life of our compostable trash bags at least 10 – 12 months. No rips and 100% leak-proof.

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